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Due to the hard work of Mayor Keith Corbett, Deputy Mayor Perry Cuocci, the Board of Trustees and all of the Malverne Village Public Service Departments and our residents, we have made our Village one of the top safest and desirable communities in New York!
Financial Health
  • Sustained Malverne’s financial health, implementing excellent budget practices, building capital accounts

  • Awarded & maintained AA+ Bond Rating, the highest in Malverne history

  • Unprecedented grant funding, including: train station renovations, downtown restoration,  Village Hall HVAC, library, MVAC, park restorations, police, court and emergency management

  • Record low debt ratios

Service Improvements
  • Restoration of LIRR weekend and holiday schedule service cuts

  • Productivity of our Police Department has increased, while overtime costs have been significantly reduced.

  • The Library continue to expand, offering new and exciting programs, without raising spending

  • Modified building department fee structures so residents don’t subsidize commercial and building projects

  • Expanded recycling  program to include cardboard, continuing to reduce costs and protect our environment

  • Implemented cost effective solutions to beat budget forecast at DPW.

  • Eliminated installation of speed cameras to ensure continued enforcement of Village Police.

  • Preserved the overall look of the Village, protected our valuable Village property, increasing home values

  • Provided leadership of Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts throughout the Village

  • Repaved many Village roads, without adding to our tax burden

  • Noticeable improvement in the quality and the look of the parks and the business district, the train station

  • Farm remains an essential part of the Village, including hosting community activities

  • Received grants from CableVision and Verizon for creation of MalverneTV Studio and Judges Chambers

  • Construction of new Ambulance Corps building helped improve essential services for our residents

  • Supported construction of a new Little League concession stand and storage facility

  • Installed a geothermal HVAC system to reduce electricity and gas expenditures

  • Library roof, DPW Lights, Fire Department maintenance, parks, trees, benches

Positive Attitudes & Cooperation
  • Began monthly department head meetings to improve communications and facilitate cooperation

  • Successful contract negotiations with Library, PBA, DPW

  • Implemented shared resources program for Valley Stream Pool access and Youth Board

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