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About the Party


Who Is The Independent Party?


YOU are the Independent Party of Malverne.


  • It is the mind and heart of every resident in recognizing the efficiency, the honesty the integrity and the unselfishness of our Village Mayors and Trustees.

  • It is the attitude of acceptance of proven experience in the selection of qualified women and men.

  • It is the combination of all top level thinking regardless of political affiliations – it neither leans toward the left or right but follows the direct road to success.

  • It is a party which all the people have an equal voice to suggest or criticize – true representation.

  • It is a realization that its leaders serve all of the Village residents – not a selected few.

  • It is a fulfillment of your ideas with the final crystallization of concerned action that benefits the Village and the residents of Malverne.

  • It is a party whose house is always in order as evidenced by it 90 years of success.  A party that seeks no favors but strives for equality for all.

  • It is the endorsement of high ideals of government that has never been subjected to any form of scandal or intimidation.

  • It is a party responsible for the star-studded list of improvements and achievements that classify our Village of Malverne as a model community that has become the envy of other villages. 


Yes dear neighbor, YOU are the Independent Party of Malverne.  




For over 90 years, The Independent Party of Malverne has played a important role in the development of Malverne as one of the finest communities in Nassau County and one of the safest in the country.


Today the Independent Party remains the only Village political party to cut Village taxes and have always been dedicated to preserving our quaint suburban quality-of-life.


Thirteen, all but three, of Malverne's mayors have been elected under our banner. And throughout our history, there has always been Independent Party representation on the Board of Trustees



Formed in 1924, the Independent Party has pledged the best possible government for the Village of Malverne.  Our organization involves itself only in Village issues.  The Executive Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers who are in the forefront of participation and leadership in the community.  We strive to keep a finger on the pulse of the Village to best understand its problems and to see to it that they are solved.


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