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Dear fellow residents:


The Village of Malverne is at its strongest point ever! We are consistently ranked one of the safest communities in the state.  Our finances are solid with high bond ratings.  And the Long Island Railroad is back running to pre-recession levels.  This is Malverne as it should be – strong and getting stronger.

Voting will be held on Tuesday, March 19th between 7AM and 9PM at the Firehouse (30 Broadway).  For voter registration information or to obtain a absentee ballot, click here


This election is not about change, but progress.  To keep Malverne moving forward, we need your help!  We ask that you either make a financial contribution to the campaign and/or sign up to volunteer on the campaign. Please fill out the form below so that you too can be part of a great thing.  From a small amount of funds to handing out pamphlets at the train station to spreading the word to your neighbors, you too can be part of something great.


Thank you for your support in keeping Malverne the way it should be. 




Tom Grech




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